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Nexus between Savings, Investment and Economic Growth in Nepal (1975-2020): Evidence from ARDL Bounds Testing Approach

Tilak Mahara (2022)

There are different sources of economic growth, including domestic savings for capital formation. Domestic savings mobilized into the expansion of productive capacity of an …

An Empirical Investigation Between Money Supply, Inflation, Capital Expenditure and Economic Growth in Nepal

Tilak Mahara (2021)

Money supply, inflation, and capital expenditure along with others are major issues of consideration for policymakers in developing countries given the need to spark internal demand ….

Macroeconomic determinants of external debt in Nepal: The ARDL Approach

Tilak Mahara & Sabina Dhakal (2020)

External debt is the loan amount borrowed from the international level, payable with interest and principal. It is the major source of financing budget deficit in a developing country. 

Money Supply-Economic Growth Nexus: Evidence from a Landlocked Country

Tilak Mahara (2020)

There is special role of money in the economy due to its astonishing importance as change in the amount of it can have a significant effect on the major macroeconomic variables.

Role of Inflow of Resources on Economic Growth of Nepal

Tilak Mahara & Nawaraj Bhatta (2019)

This study attempts to examine the role of the inflow of resources on the economic growth of Nepal incorporating annual time-series data sets of 45 years from 1975 to 2019.


Financial Economics

Tilak Mahara & Robin Dahal 

For MA Economics

Publisher: New Hira Books Enterprises

Published Year: 2019 

Agricultural Development Bank (Preparation Book)

Krishna Niraula & Tilak Singh Mahara

For Level 4 & 5

Publisher: Raman Publishers and Distributors, Kathmandu

Published Year: 2022

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