Hello, I'm Tilak. I'm a Lecturer of Economics.

I choose to be a Lecturer because my positive attitude and tireless energy help to encourage others to work hard and succeed.

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नेपालको विकासका दीर्घकालीन राष्ट्रिय लक्ष्य र पन्ध्रौँ योजनाको मध्यावधि समीक्षाअनुसार लक्ष्य प्राप्तिमा देखिएको प्रगति

पन्ध्रौँ आवधिक योजनामा नेपालको विकासको दीर्घकालीन सोच २१०० तय गरिएको छ। जसअन्तर्गत समृद्धिका चार र सुखका छवटा दीर्घकालीन  राष्ट्रिय लक्ष्य निर्धारण गरिएका छन् । यी लक्ष्य निम्नानुसार रहेका छन्। समृद्धिका ४ राष्ट्रिय लक्ष्य सुसीका ६ राष्ट्रिय लक्ष्य पन्ध्रौँ योजनाको मध्यावधि समीक्षाअनुसार उल्लिखित लक्ष्यहरूको अवस्था निम्नानुसार रहेको देखिन्छ। According to the mid-term review of the Fifteenth...

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Definitions of Economics

Article originally published in HubPages The term ‘Economics’ has been derived from the Greek word ‘Oeconomicus’, which means management of the household. Thus, economics means; ‘household management’ or ‘management of household affairs’. Household management refers to managing the unlimited wants of the family members within the limited income of the family. The beginning of the...

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Static and Dynamic Analysis of Microeconomics

Based on consideration of time, microeconomic analysis can be divided into three types. Micro Statics/Micro Static Analysis Comparative Micro Statics/ Comparative Micro Static Analysis Micro Dynamics/ Micro Dynamic Analysis The detailed study material and video presentations are attached below. The Video Presentation...

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Ten Principles of Economics BBS First Year Microeconomics

Economics is all about making rational economic decisions in a state of scarcity. Economics study how scarce economic resources are allocated.And economics also analyzes the forces and trends that affect the economy as a whole, including the growth rate of output, the rate of the population that cannot find work, the rate at which price...

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Macroeconomics for Business BBS Second Year New Syllabus 2021

Course Title: Macroeconomics for BusinessCourse Code: MGT 209:Lecture hours: 150Full Marks: 100Pass Marks: 35 Course ObjectivesMacroeconomics for Business aims to enhance understanding of macroeconomic principles and Nepalese macroeconomic situation to the Bachelor level students. It will help to inculcate the skills incorporating different macroeconomic domains in the assessment of the nature of the business environment...

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Monetary Policy for Fiscal Year 2078/79

Formulation and implementation of monetary policy is the major function of the Nepal Rastra Bank. NRB Act, 2002 provided a clear legal and institutional framework for monetary policy. The monetary policy operating procedure was changed in response to the evolving needs of the time. The formulation of monetary policy in Nepal formally received its institutional...

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